About Us

The multi-billion dollar acne industry is built the assumption that acne is normal and if you have the wrong genes, you are destine for acne. The problem is this assumption is wrong. Humans do not naturally have acne. You shouldn’t have acne.

Genetically distinct cultures eating and living traditionally have been repeatedly shown to have no acne whatsoever. Genetics isn’t the cause of acne, diet is. You can change you diet, you can reverse your acne. This is the Acne Revolution.

We will discover the key principles of what made these peoples so resistant to acne, then we will figure out how to apply them to modern life. The first to join the Revolution will be the pioneers. They will have the most changes to their diet. Over time we will reverse engineer the diet to be as simple and effective as possible.

I’ve suffered from acne since I was a teenager. The Acne Revolution approach has been more effective at reversing my acne than anything else I’ve tried. Here’s my progress after 45 days.


My progress after 45 days. Left before, right after.
My progress after 45 days. Left before, right after.


If you are sick of having acne and are willing to change your diet, click here to become one of our Revolution pioneers. If you want to wait for a more accessible approach, subscribe to our mailing list and stay tuned.


The Revolution is just beginning. There is much more to come.