My Story

Discovering the Acne-Diet Connection

Even as a kid I’d always ask my mom questions like “are beans healthy? Is pizza healthy?” I’ve always been interested in the effect of food on the body. My first real brush with changing my diet was when I was in cross country in high school. I read Born to Run and watched Food, Inc. These together inspired me to try being vegan for ethical reasons and potential health benefits. I could only keep it up for a couple months. So I downshifted to being vegetarian which I continued for two years.


In college I started to gain weight from the dorm food. Pizza is usually vegetarian after all. This wasn’t acceptable to me. I decided I wanted to lose some weight (or at least fat). I decided that I would try Tim Ferriss’ “Slow Carb Diet” from the Four Hour Body. It excludes high glycemic carbs (grains and fruit) and dairy 6 days a week with a 1 day per week “cheat day” where anything goes.


The Four Hour Body introduced me to “fat soluble vitamins” and Weston A. Price. This was when I fell down the Alice-in-Wonderland-esque nutrition rabbit hole. I was initially interested in the vitamins (A, D, K2) because they were alleged to boost sex drive and testosterone. While I didn’t notice any changes on that front, I did notice something else—my acne improved.


My Acne

I have had acne since puberty. I have always been ashamed to some extent of my face. It has been especially bad on my back. I was rarely shirtless at the pool. Even with benzoyl peroxide and other topical treatments, the improvements were moderate at best, painfully ineffective at worst.


My dad and brother both had acne as well. I assumed that it was genetic and that diet had no bearing in acne. So the sudden change in acne with a simply adding supplements was revolutionary to me. But my results plateaued. I discovered the “Paleo Diet” and its more comprehensive cousin, the “Ancestral Health Diet.” The communities around these diets have huge amounts of information about almost every health problem out there.


This is when I discovered that acne is not normal in humans. Many indigenous populations have been observed to have no acne whatsoever and it is more than likely that humans in general don’t have acne and just haven’t been thoroughly studied. This revelation set me on a crusade to find out how to reverse acne and restore our skin to its natural health. After all, for many like me, our skin is so vulnerable to infection (pimples) that we are advised not to touch our own face. That is not optimal health.


Reversing Acne

[I’m vague to the specifics to my approach for a reason. There is a plan. To get recommendations, become an Acne Revolution Pioneer]


I gathered all the information I could on acne. There was a huge variety of recommendations, some were contradictory and others just seemed unfounded. In the summer of 2014, I decided to test them on myself. I added in a supplement stack and removed certain foods. Within a week, I saw dramatic improvements, but they plateaued. I removed another food, more results and another plateau. I noticed that I was losing fat effortlessly and my abs were starting to show. I had more energy. But my list of potentially problematic foods was growing. I became obsessive over food quality and any perceived reaction to foods.

My progress after 45 days. Left before, right after.
My progress after 45 days. Left before, right after.

Then I discovered a technique to make myself more resilient. To be less affected by the potentially problematic foods. I’m seeing the same improvement, but my diet is much more relaxed.


I have to admit, my skin is not yet totally clear, but its close. I’ll occasionally get a whitehead, but that is getting more and more rare. My back is still healing. But skin hasn’t looked this good since I was 12.


The Revolution

I’m creating the Acne Revolution to provide all the tools I wish I had when I was starting this journey. We will work to provide you the simplest and most effective approach to permanently removing acne.


But I have to stress, the Acne Revolution is not about me and my story—rather it is about those of us that have suffered from acne. I want you to learn from my story and do it better. Improve faster, with fewer unnecessary changes to your diet. The approach is still in beginning stages, but if you are willing to try it, Join the Revolution.